The Guide to Retrofit Projector Headlight on Dodge Ram Pickup

I just want to show you guys how to do a retrofit on a Ram truck, any truck that has the projector headlights. Normally the stock projector headlight in car are halogen projector headlights, for performance improvement, we suggest you to choose a bi-xenon projector headlight or bi-led projector headlight for replacement. I normally start by removing the 8 millimeters screws, I’ll normally heat up in the oven to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit and I’ll like leave it in there for about 10 to 15 minutes. I’ll start at the edges of it.

I pretty much have the bottom part of the headlight, pretty loose I guess since my truck is still new this perma-seal prior. I already have the bottoms pretty much loose, I just need to start, I’ll have to start pulling on it after I get this edge over opened.

We got the hand lights apart, this is actually kind of tough the top and bottoms are very easy and the side on the projector is fairly easy to this side closest to the high beam on this side. There’s three t10 Torx screws that you’re going to come apart, take those out and then release the projector. The projectors out, you will have to unplug for the high and low beam, for the stock projector.

I have the bracket installed onto the projector just four screws and four washers, they go right here on both sides. I’m just gonna do the top bolts there and that should be good enough to hold this in and then I have to do is just mount it. Before I put everything back together when I take them downstairs make sure that they fire up. I’m probably gonna play with the high and low beam.

This is probably on a scale of one to ten, in terms of how hard this is it’s probably like a seven or eight. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you don’t know how to do like trial and error, because there’s a lot of trial and error you have to do. It should be plug and play for the most part but for some reason, it’s still not quite there yet. It’s available and if you are not happy with the stock projectors, these will definitely do the trick.

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