How to Change Led Headlight to Your Motorcycle?

Driving a motorcycle with a burned headlight can leave you in a dangerous situation. Like most motorcycles, cruisers, in particular, work with a single high low beam h4 led headlight bulb to illuminate, with a working headlight being critical for a safe trip. Changing the h4 headlight bulb with ladle common to these motorcycles may seem difficult since there is no apparent way to access the molten bulb. Luckily, disassembling the headlight is simpler than it seems and usually only requires a screwdriver to do. The tool you will need is just a headlight bulb screwdriver.

Change H4 Led Headlight for Your Motorcycle

1, Remove the headlight adjustment ring, using a screwdriver to unscrew the ring retaining screw. Pull the headlight distance adjustment ring.

2. Pull the light assembly from the headlight hub. Remove the protective plastic cover, if applicable, from the back of the lamp. Pull the wiring harness from the lamp bulb. Squeeze the legs of the bulb of the retaining pin together and swing it outward to release the bulb. Remove the defective bulb from the light assembly.

Change H4 Led Headlight for Your Motorcycle
3. Insert a new led car bulb into the light assembly and close the retaining pin of the same. Connect the power cable to the bulb pins. Slide the rubber dust cover on the light assembly.

4, Slide the light assembly into the headlight, aligning the “TOP” mark on the lamp lens over the top of the headlight housing. Mount the adjustment ring on the headlamp and tighten the set screw with a screwdriver.

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