The Advantage and Disadvantage for Led Headlight

Lately, the incorporation of LED daytime running lights has become fashionable due to the high capacity to generate lighting that they offer, and that allows us to be seen clearly from quite a distance. However, it is a fad with its pros and cons. Yes, these have an important added value increasing the passive safety of a vehicle. Now it seems that fashion is transferred to the main headlight housing using LED headlights, such as the low beam h3 led bulb, h1 led bulb, h4 led headlight bulb, etc.

For the lighting of a car, you need a fairly powerful light source. The problem with LEDs is that despite being very energy efficient, they usually emit a small amount of light so that automotive groups use LEDs of the highest possible power. These groups have installed in groups on an electronic board; their switchboard controls it. They are mounted on optically advanced headlights of the reflector or projector type or a combination of both.

Led Headlight

Halogen bulbs have lots of yellow casts that you would not see clearly. In fact, an HID bulb can produce 55 watts is similar to a halogen rated 55 watts. A halogen bulb will waste 80% of its energy because of the generation of excessive heat as a byproduct when illuminating the road.

LED headlights Pros

The main advantage of an LED headlight is the lower power consumption, and that emit 100% of the light that has to emit instantly; in addition, an LED has a considerably useful life compared to the other alternatives.

Led Headlight

LED Headlights Cons

But there end all these advantages of an LED headlight. Why, simply by having a fairly high cost-utility, and not offering a better beam of light than its alternatives and having an expensive repair cost. It should remember that a bulb of incandescent wire associated with a well-designed headlamp offers a fairly good beam of light. That offers great quality in its beam of light can be found for € 80 the couple.

This technology is currently under development and promises to offer in several high-end and some mid-range vehicles. The problem is that this type of headlights like the other manufactures in one piece and that to change a bulb, you only need another bulb. You can do it yourself in the house garage on the street. But to replace a molten LED, or some of its electronic components break down, you will have to buy all the electronic board where the whole set installed, or repair it in an authorized workshop if the manufacturer allows it. So I doubt so watch out! With what we buy.

When you looking at the LED light, you can see the construction is very safe and the quality is better than other bulbs. A halogen bulb is very sensitive when you touch them with your hand.

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