What to Do When Share the Car

Car sharing has become one of the most common options when traveling with, or for the simple fact of wanting to make private transportation a more social experience.

When it comes to traveling with a company outside your usual circle, you have to follow a series of fairly simple steps. As with everything, you can have a very rewarding experience while contributing to the environment or, conversely, to touch you with the car full of people and that you also have to push uphill – anecdote invented and imaginary.

Find the trip you want to do

Whether you want to share your car or if you want to travel at a reduced price on someone else’s. The first thing you have to do is register on one of the many platforms that exist for this purpose: Blabla Car, Carpooling, Amovens, Roadsharing, Sharing, Busvao. Once the registration has been made, publish the trip you want to make, indicating the city of departure and arrival and the day. Some allow you to create alerts. Here you must specify the additional circumstances: if there is a smoker, if stops made, the type of car, if pets travel, if you can eat, etc.

Unfortunately, no matter how much information offered, you can always find some surprises outside the script. Important: study the profile of the person with whom you are going to travel before making a decision. In this way, you can see their assessment or if any user has had a bad experience, as well as the number of trips he has made accompanied.

share the car

Contact the driver or passengers

Once you have made sure that the person or people with whom you are going to share several hours in a very small cabin. Are not psychopaths in appearance, you have to reserve the place.

It is usually done within the same platform or through email. Once done, if you are the driver, you must confirm or reject the place, and if you are a passenger, you will have to wait for the verdict.

Reserve a place

At this point, you will have to proceed to reserve the place through your credit or debit card. After doing so, you will receive a reservation code. You must contact the person you will be traveling with. It is then closed, although most platforms allow you to cancel the trip up to 24 hours before the start of the journey.

share the car

Enjoy -or not- the trip

They seem quite obvious steps, but punctuality is not the strength of many people. That is why we remember that you must go to the appointment at the time – especially the date – stipulated and deliver or request if you are a driver, the reservation code during the trip so that you can receive the contribution for the trip. At this point, you are free to decide whether to start a conversation or frown at the horizon.

Share your opinion and claim if necessary

Whether it has been satisfactory or if it has been a nightmare come true, your opinion is vital for other users, whom you can lead to the light in case they are lost. Also, if you are a driver, you can improve your reputation.

And of course, in case there has been an incident, you must register the claim on the platform indicating what has happened. If there is no consensus, the customer service teams will be responsible for acting as intermediaries to clarify the situation.

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