How to Have Wifi in Car

First, there were the advances in safety, which have managed to reduce the number of fatal accidents to levels never seen before, then in terms of comfort, and now everyone seems to be connected.

The next step is total connectivity in the car, having Wi-Fi in the car, a service that is no longer found only in luxury vehicles. But also already offers generalist brands, such as Opel, with the OnStar service, whose multiple services do not too much time.

The Opel OnStar system makes life easier and improves safety in the event of an accident, which alone can justify including it in the list of car equipment. Logically, many doubts may arise, since having Internet in the car has not been possible until now.

wifi work in the car

The lightning signature system allows up to seven different devices connect to the network created in the car. Connecting your mobile or tablet is as simple as doing it at home. The office or any other place: you look for the list of available networks on your device, select one of the cars, and enter the password. Which can set from the settings in the vehicle itself or the smartphone application? Logically, you can also deactivate the Wi-Fi network in the same way, if you are not going to use it.

The Wi-Fi system in the car is going to activate Opel OnStar, which done by pressing a blue button on the roof of the vehicle. Then one of the telemarketers of the brand, who serves you in your language, takes care of everything and sends you an email to start the activation process.

wifi work in the car

You may also ask yourself a question that we also asked ourselves. If, like almost everyone, you have a smartphone with 4G on your mobile, which you can also share with other devices, why pay for another? For three reasons:

  • For starters, because, on a trip, it is more reliable, since the Opel OnStar Wi-Fi offers a more powerful signal, thanks to the antenna located on the roof of the car.
  • Another point in its favor is that, during the free one-year trial period, there is no data traffic limit. Overtake that.
  • Finally, if you travel to another European country, currently roaming data in the European Union does not entail any additional cost.

Also, you should not forget that the Opel OnStar system, whose application works with iOS and Android mobiles, offers more useful services. From finding the car if you forget where you have parked it, locate it in case of theft, help by phone and, of course, the emergency call in case of accident or emergency.

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