The Reason Why USB Ports in Car Charge the Mobile Slower

At present, all those wireless devices that depend heavily on the battery predominate. Its intensive use or the bad state of it makes us have to carry a charger always at hand. And driving is an ideal time for a recharge because, during that time, the device should not check in excess. But why do the car’s USB ports charge the mobile slower?

Surely everyone has happened on occasion. A smartphone connected to the USB port of the vehicle and the battery charges is at a much slower rate than any other outlet. It may also be the case to connect the device to use it as a GPS, and instead of charging, it ends up draining its battery. By now you should know that the fault is not the mobile phone, but the car itself.

USB ports of the car

Normally, USB 1.0 or 2.0 jacks installed in a vehicle, which are basic and sufficient to play music and perform other functions. But this type of shots supports a current intensity of 500 milliamps (with a maximum of 1,500 mA), a sufficient power in the case of music, but very fair for recharging phones or tablets. These devices currently have more developed batteries that support higher charging intensities.

Now any average smartphone is linked to a charger that offers a power of about two amps (2,000 mA) and 5 volts, almost four times above what the car takes. Not to mention some mobile phone manufacturers who are already integrating fast charging systems that can reach five amps in some cases. For this reason, the car is not the best place to recharge.

USB ports of the car

The 500 mA of the USB port of the car already falls too short for any device, and it seems that most manufacturers do not have much interest in improving their systems. Luckily, there is a quick solution and available to all users. The lighter socket delivers 12 V, higher, and more suitable power for a recharge. It is also usually easy.

With this type of connection, the mobile would charge at a decent speed and similar to the house plug. Even for just over 10 euros, there are chargers compatible with fast recharging devices that will make you forget the problems of charging in a car.

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