A Guide of 8 Gen Car Led Headlight Installation & Review

I’m going to be doing a product review on this 8th Gen LED headlights which I get free sample from led-car-light-manufacturer.com. These run at 25 watts each bulb can have a maximum output of 4,000 watts, it averages at 3500 combined, it’s about 7,000 lumen. This is waterproof and the color is 6,500K.

The LED light bulb has eight ZES LED chip, four on this side four on the opposite side. There’s nothing on top, so there’s a total of eight. There is no fan, just a huge heatsink that dissipates the heat. This is the h-11 cutout so it will be straight plug-and-play. There is a little cap that connects the bulb to the LED driver.

Press the tab that’s right here to unhook the socket and pull down, and then take this and turn it counterclockwise to remove the bulb.

Get the new LED and put it into the headlight socket.

Push and turn clockwise to lock it in place.

The LED driver you see there’s a notch and there are no nuts, connect the other end to this original stock plug. After that test out the 8th gen LED highlights

The headlights we tested today are H11 led bulbs.

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