Italdesign’s Vulcanus Is A Super Lux Mercedes V-Class For China’s Elite

Italdesign has teamed up with Xingchi, a Chinese company specialized in modifying Mercedes and Volkswagen vans, for their latest project, which builds upon the Mercedes-Benz V260L.

Christened the Vulcanus, it has special exterior graphics, LED-shaped DRLs and some chrome trim to further differentiate it from the stock version of the long wheelbase van.

Sliding the rear electric doors, however, reveals a massively updated passenger compartment. Here, Italdesign and Xingchi have added leather upholstery, wood trim, high-definition screens, lots of speakers and extra lights.

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With the adjustable magic glass, used to separate the front and rear of the interior, conversations will remain private. Also, the VIP-feeling is enhanced by the comfortable seats. Besides the screens, the Italdesign Vulcanus comes with other technology features, such as a touchscreen display that passengers can use to adjust various settings, and even a fingerprint identification system.

Since the interior of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is very spacious, Italdesign and Xingchi can customize it according to each individual’s preferences. So, whether it’s an office on wheels or the ideal family MPV, the two companies can turn the van into a very comfortable and tech-loaded cruiser.

As you probably figured it out by now, the Italdesign Vulcanus is offered exclusively in China, where the design house is “exploring new challenges”, while “setting the quality bar every time a little higher”, in CEO Jorg Astalosch’s own words.

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