Feel’s Honda Fit Modification Works – K20A Engine Plus Turbo Charger

Today we are going to view the Honda Fit GK5 modified by Japan famous modification store FEEL’S Honda Twin Cam Works. This Fit GK5 changed into Feel’s produced body kit, including the widened front bumper lip, side skirts, and big size adjustable wind spoiler.

Wheels were replaced into AME Tracer TM-02 with sports design. There is the APP brake installed inside the wheel. The blue color looks energetic and romantic. Besides, top quality Aragosta height adjustable damper has been installed. The front and rear tires were adjusted to have some negative camber for adapting to track control.

Because this car is for racing on the track, the interior unnecessary decoration has been all removed. Instead, they welded on the roll caged complied to the racing rule. There is only one FEEL’S car seat in the car. The original steering wheel was removed, instead. MOMO racing steering wheel was installed on. The instrument panel is replaced by a carbon fiber manufacturing model; the instrument is also replaced by professional racing instrument, providing more accurate data. Throttle, brake, clutch pedals were also upgraded for adapting to the track.

The most attractive place is to replace the original engine to Honda Famous and expensive K20A engine, the blue engine in the picture below is the K20A engine. Furthermore, in order to pursue the stronger output, K20A engine was installed HKS turbo charger, very interesting modification. The turbo charger was hidden near the side of the firewall. The exhaust pipe is more compact, power output is being very direct.

What do you think to this K20A Plus Turbo Charger Honda Fit GK5? I believe there should be a good performance on the track.

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