Golf GTI Tiffany Green Style Modification with Player on Trunk

As VW Golf MK4 sold poorly in China, when Golf MK5 models released, Volkswagen did not choose to sell GOLF MK5 models in China but chose to launch their new model Sagitar developed for the Chinese market, so all Golf MK5 in China is imported so that many Golf fans can’t afford the price.

Today to share you a golf MK5 GTi modified case. This Golf is a three-door version with the round front and rear headlights, which is the feature of this model, the overall appearance is fatter a lot than Golf MK4.

The car was originally black, the owner put a very fresh Tiffany green color film on it, and installed on the Thunder Bunny body kit to make it be different, mounted the customized front bumper lip to be sports.

After the removal of the original brand logo, the car is being particularly simple and fresh, the owner did not choose to modify the popular R32 double exhaust in the middle, and choose single-sided double exhaust, with rivet-style under the spoiler. At the same time, on wind spoiler, he makes a simple wide body, brings a little rough style.

This Golf was equipped with height adjustable damper, on the footers they are Rotiform IND 18 inch 10.5J wheels.

Although it is height adjustable damper, the owner is very creative to make a special modification. He installs a very classic cassette player on the rear trunk, it is so funny to play them on the party and absolutely can attract many girls.

The modification does not have to make the car too exaggerated, like this Golf MK5, chosen a fresh color, through a simple match, it just brings out a different feeling, stood out from monotonous modified cars.



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