How to Aim Your Car Headlight Correctly

When first time sees on the new cars a few years ago, LED headlight bulbs begin to appear on the headlight system, such as rear light brake light and side light, even in some interior lights. Aiming the headlights is an important part and a considered part of your car maintenance. Poorly aligned headlights may not provide lighting to see the road well at night, in the same way, if the low beam 9007 headlights have not set correctly, they can blind the drivers of the approaching cars. Adjusting the 9007 led light bulbs is a simple process that you can do with household tools at home, all you need is a screwdriver and a flat wall on which to project the headlights of your car.

9007 Led Headight Bulb
Find a wall or garage door that is flat and accessible for your car. You will need a backup as well, around 20 to 25 feet, to check the configuration when you finished. An entry road is ideal, but only if it is flat, but any wall can be enough. It is also better to adjust to sunrise or sunset, so you can see the lights well and also see well enough to make the adjustments.

Throw the car to the wall at a distance of 1 foot from the wall. Turn on the low beams and tape a plus sign (“+”) in which lightning strikes the wall. If you have someone to work with who will be at a distance behind the vehicle to direct their mark, they can help, as the exact center of the beam can be difficult to find when you are just above it. If you place a strip of tape across the wall that connects the plus signs, this will show you the centerline of the headlights.

9007 Led Headight Bulb
Backup the car, so it’s 25 feet from the wall. If you do not copy the car in a straight line, you will not get a correct reading. Please turn on the low beam to see where they fall, but it should be approximately 2 inches from each plus, lowest and right sign. If not, adjust with a screwdriver with the adjustment screws that configured on the side of the lamp.

Check the high beams too. If they do not fall down and to the right of the plus signs such as the low beam, adjust using the adjustment screws.

Car Headlight

When you choose led bulbs, you can replace it with a new or good second-hand light bulb as an option. However, the automotive accessory workshop can provide some special polished projector kit to reset the bulb to an acceptable situation. Although LED headlights spend more money then halogen bulbs, for the long term, its huge lifespan extends the use of headlight. It is wise to switch to led bulbs consider to the health of your headlight.

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