How to Install Angel Eyes With A H13 Led Conversion Kit

Angel’s eyes are circular light bars that surround the headlights of your car. Not only do they seem aesthetically pleasing, but they attract more attention to your personalized car. Many of the stores install angel eye kits, but sometimes it is so easy to install yourself. Things you will need are a screwdriver, insulating tape, wire cutter/separator, angel eyes kit.

Angel Eyes
1, Pop the hood of your car and use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws on the back of the h13 headlight assembly. This step will allow you to remove the headlight assembly and unhook the wiring harness from the back of the headlight.

2, Loosen the fastening screws surrounding the headlight to remove the headlight lens. Use the adhesive strips supplied in the angel eyes kit to fix the light bar around the h13 led bulb conversion kit. Pass the wires from the angel’s eye through the wiring hole in the back of the headlight.

Angel Eyes
3, Cut a small portion of the power wire (the red one) into the wire harness and turn the red angel eye wire into the exposed wire. Wrap the exposed wires tightly with electrical tape, and then screw the end of the black (ground) wire of the angel’s eye into the available metal part of the headlight mounting bracket with a sheet metal screw from the light assembly.

4. Put the mounting screws back into the lens and then mount the auto headlight assembly in place with the mounting screws. Reconnect the wiring to the headlight, then repeat the process for the other side.

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