Compact Sedan Toyota Carola Rare Modification

The Toyota Carola in picture is the 9 generation, presented since 2004 to now, It is a popular family sedan on the street. Good price, spacious interior (compared to other compact sedans) with less trouble on daily driving. Today, this post writer is ready to take the Carola to modify.

The car owner is 22 year old and still a college student. Since getting his driving license on the summer vacation after high school, he bought this Toyota Carola. This car have been accompanying him to go around for 2 years with many wonderful memory. He likes car modification and now has some saving by part-time job, so he decide to make a difference to his car.

First, he replace a no logo front grill, blue trailer rope and universal front lip strips. Installing black wind spoiler on the rear trunk. These modifications make the Carola have a style of sports.

Next, pursuing low ride height, he install D2 Height Adjustable Damper and adjust to 0 degree of height.

The wheel hubs are replaced to 17-inch domestic CE28 style casting wheels, 8J on the front and 9J on the rear. Then he adjust the wheel to an appropriate camber angle, the front wheels are adjusted to -3 degrees through the four wheel positioning. The rear wheel is adjusted to -6 degrees with an inclination pad. Installing 195/40/R17 front tires and 205/45/R17 rear tires.  The final modification effect is obvious.

Have you ever thought that, a family small sedan can be modified to be sports style?

Modification Accessories List:

Made-In-China CE28 Wheel hubs, 17*8J et30 on front and 17*9J et 25 on rear;

95/40/R17 front tires and 205/45/R17 rear tires;

D2 Height Adjustable Damper;

no logo front grill, blue trailer rope and universal front lip strips, small wind spoiler.

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