15, 000 USA Dollar Buy A Used BMW 3-Series And My Modification Style

BMW 3 Series has been developed for many generations and they are all great and classic cars. In domestic, there are many BMW 3 series fans, Frank is one of them. He loves BMW 3 series. But in his opinion, this generation 3 series F30 with turbo has a worse experience than the last gen 3 series. That is the reason why he chooses the Black E90 330i as his first car after coming back from abroad.

“I am personally very fond of NA car, BMW straight-six engine is classic. I had planned to buy a E46 but can’t find a good one. I recently I found an E90 on second-hand vehicle website, this car is imported 330i version, I think it would be hard to find a better one, then I contact the car owner.”

This BMW E90 was in Guangzhou. Frank asked the car owner for several car pictures; known everything was all right, then he came to Guangzhou city with his friend to make a deal. When he picked up this car, the cabin and interior decoration were still OK and acceptable, the oil spill is not very serious. After bargained with the car owner, he finally paid 15,000 dollars.

After he returned home, he tries to repair this old vehicle. First, he replaced the whole car fluid, including cooling liquid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, steering oil and so on, then it is the replacement of the whole car old tapes.

“Strip hardening, it is hard to open the doors. But no store is selling this kind of tapes in domestic, I have to place an order from Germany. Finally, I pay 1500 dollar to buy the tapes on 4 doors and front & rear windows. How expensive to maintain BMW in China.”

At the same time, I begin to modify this car. Because my favorite wheel brand is RAYS, especially TE37 this kind of classic type wheel hub, I absolutely can’t miss it. So I ask friends to search online together, to visit stores in each corner of this city, finally, we get these green discontinued RAYS TE37SL wheel hubs, plus Yokohama AD08 tires, they cost me tens of thousands of dollars totally.

In order to make 330i look stronger, wide body modification is necessary. Frank prefers low-key wide body mod, which should look comfortable and natural, but not crazy. Obviously, the accessories on the market can’t satisfy his requirement. So he finds the turning factory to customized a solution. Before modified wide body, he uses the hub pad to widen the front and rear body. In this way, it is easy to know the exact final size for making the wide body. Frank pay 200 dollars to customized this 40mm width wheel pad kit.

“ I don’t know the brand of this wheel pad, but after installation, the BMW is being cool and strong. It seems to have the wide body of the off-road vehicle but actually, he is a sedan only.”

“Visit many turning stores in the city, talk with many modified engineers, I know this professional and experienced master engineer Mr. Zhao by introduction and choose him to do this manual wide body modification to my car. “

There is a rough outline of the wide body. Then Frank continue to install the TEIN SAZ Height Adjustable Damper and H&R Front and Rear Sway Bars. The old ball head draws rod is replaced.

“ When replaced the Front and Rear Sway Bars, I found that the chassis has a different degree of aging, which leads to the old car chassis being loose. So I decided to replace the original chassis kit to Hardrace strongly kit (16 pcs). Make my E90 rejuvenate.”

When wide body modification is finished, the engineer has a new idea to modify the front grilles. He combines the E90 grilles and F30 frame, perfectly match on the E90 front grilles.

For car interior, Frank just replace to RECARO seats and TAKATA red safety belts. Then this BMW E90 330i modification is finished.

E90 could be count to be an old vehicle in the market, it is hard to find the modification accessories in demotic now. Next step, I will search on oversea to find the accessories to improve the performance of cylinder.

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