Toyota 86 Modified Turbo Changer and Wide Body Kit

Today we are going to introduce a red Toyota 86. It has similar Hello Flush style modification but didn’t have that kind of fucking large wheel hub and crazy negative camber, which looks more natural and comfortable.

This 86 was modified with RocketBunny V2 front bumper lip and body kit. Big wind spoiler makes it be aggressive, the rivet on side fender flares looks rough and strong. The front air intake isn’t sealed up by a grip. We can see the brand new intercooler and oil cooler just quietly stay there.

This Toyota 86 doesn’t simply upgrade the V2 bumper lip and body kit only. We can clearly see that the wind has been replaced by TRD V3 side spoiler wind. Besides, the rear wind spoiler is from V3 spoiler kit too.

The headlights are retrofitted to Spec-D customized aftermarket headlight, light beam and appearance are both awesome. There is red evil eye inside the headlight. For the taillight and rear fog light, they are replaced by the products from Valenti.

About the interior, car owner just install the P3 multi-function instrument In the left side of the air conditioning vent,put on the racing seats and five-point belt from Braum Racing, red four-point roll cage from Cusco, all these make the whole cockpit look full of fighting atmosphere.

The height of car body can be controlled by the Airlift 3H air suspension and management system. Besides, TRD front and rear sway bars are installed. On the wheel hub, they are CCW D240-3PC-D-SET hubs. The car owner also modifies the brake disc to be StopTech drilled slotted plated brake disc and install the Goodridge steel brake line.

In terms of power, car owner chooses the Treadstone Performance turbo upgrade kit. Incidentally, he upgrades the fuel pump and fuel spray nozzle; install the Mishimoto cooler kit. Finally, the power goes to 271rwhp, performance is very tough.

Although we have seen hundreds of Toyota 86 with similar modifications. But this one still has the creative point, we can tell the car owner has his own idea and put new elements in this vehicle. Finally, he gets huge upgrade on performance and personalized decoration and appearance. This is a dedicated Toyota 86.

Modification Accessories List:

Airlift 3H air suspension and management system;

CCW D240 18*9.5J et-20/18*11.5J et-4;

Bridgestone RE760, front 245/35 while rear 295/35;

TRD Front and Rear Sway Bars;

Stoptech Drilled Slotted Plated Brake Disc;

Goodridge steel brake line;

RocketBunny V2 front bumper lip and V3 side spoiler wind;

Customized Spec-D headlight, Valenti rear taillight and fog light;

Braum Racing seats and five-points belt;

P3 air condition vent multi-function instrument;

Cusco four-point roll cage;

Treadstone Performance Turbo charging kit;

Mishimoto cooler kit.




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