Pink Lamborghini Aventadors Turned Exclusive Style for Lady

Good things, they state, come in threes. The less-than-good things, it seems, come in twos. In this case, we’re referring to pink Lamborghini Aventadors, the second of which has popped up on our radars this month.

The last one was a Pepto pink-wrapped Aventador Roadster listed for sale in the United Arab Emirates, and our stomachs still haven’t quite settled again from the sight of it. But now another’s come across our desks from the people at Forgiato.

This time, the pink wrap is a bit paler, but includes some swirly black graphics – outlined no less in rhinestones – plus some more mechanical modifications as well. The Raging Bull is wearing a complete Liberty Walk wide-body package and a set of polished gold Forgiato rims putting on Pirelli rubber.

For the faint of heart, this is not. But at least it has a white interior this time instead of clash-tastic orange upholstery. Still, we can think about some classier things to do with an Aventador than wrapping it in pink.

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