OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlight – The Features and Concern

According to OPT7, their engineering team spent an additional year working on the design of their FluxBeam LED headlight bulbs in order to solve the most important product flaws and bring us a LED headlight which truly outshines the competition.

OPT7 got focused: – A Perfect Light Pattern: Exclusive Arc-Beam Lens Technology – Crafted around the powerful CREE MK-R LED to provide the only LED headlight with the CORRECT beam patterns. (Official introduction)

But, LED headlight bulb can’t have same 360 degrees light emitting angle like halogen bulb to match the reflector. So I think I gotta test this headlight before giving comment.

On his Amazon store, I saw just a few but the reviews were spotty at best. Usual complaints were about the brightness, beam pattern and angle of the lights. But I still decided to bright a kit for testing.

When I receive the kit, I have to say, the OPT7 arrived in a very nice box and minimal instructions. I liked it that they gave me 3 separate utility harness to work with my car.

The lamp fits and worked perfectly on my car with the projector.(My car use HID before) It really increases the illumination incredibly now with all of my lights showing white color. A slight concern on my part is that I can hear the fan on each bulb running (very fast high pitch noise) when I shut off my engine, my headlights automatically shut off after 3 minutes of engine shut off. I believed that the LED bulb will last a long time but will the fan last as long? I can see this is the sleeve bearing fans, according to my experience, it can work for 8 months – 18 months only.(private opinion)

These OPT7 LED headlight bulbs are CanBUS-Ready, but I found many Canbus error problems when installing on European vehicles. If you have a Germany car, you should ask the seller to confirm if this headlight could fit in your car.

OK. This is my testing on my car, if you have used this headlight on your vehicle, please share with us your practice experience in a comment. We appreciate you so much.

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