Nissan GT-R New Body Kit Parts Released By Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk is among the tuners that constantly releases new aftermarket upgrades for a number of cars, and their latest bundle revolves around the Nissan GT-R.

Known because of its supercar-slaying abilities, the Godzilla has received not only one, but two body kits, which stick out thanks to the bolt-on fenders, a Liberty Walk signature, as well as the new bumpers on both ends, substantial wings, plus some other parts.

If you’re acquainted with the tuner’s function, then you know that they often offer these parts created from FRP or CFRP. In this full case, the previous costs $13,780, as the latter is $1,000 more costly, for the next version of your body kit, as the first one emerges exclusively from FRP and may be had at $15,500.

JAPAN aftermarket specialist allows customers to order each part separately aswell, complemented by an fresh air suspension, which is priced from $7,900, and a number of wheels.

Don’t expect even more power coming from beneath the hood, because Liberty Walk isn’t offering any overall performance mods. However, if that is a must, you then should check out how many other tuners have waiting for you, such as Switzer performance or AMS Performance.

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