Ferrari Red BMW M4 Easy to Stand Out On the Road

If you’re likely to swing for the fences and get yourself a BMW M4, you will want to dip it in something really bright and also have it stand out whenever you can.

That’s certainly one method of doing things, with some BMW clients choosing to purchase their M4s in actually flashy colors, like San Marino Blue, Speed Yellow, or this, Ferrari Red.

We’ve seen this color before, on an M3 outfitted with the optional Competition Bundle. That car was also a resident of BMW’s Abu Dhabi dealership, as is that one.

Setting this M4 aside from other fast Bimmers may be the fact that it is wearing a GTS bonnet and front spoiler, as well as an M Performance wing and an Armytrix exhaust system.

Inside, you have some Ferrari Crimson trim on the dashboard and door panels, carbon fiber all around the center system, dashboard and on the M Performance steering wheel, and several grippy Alcantara right where you will need it most.

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