Liberty Walk’s Honda NSX Significant JDM Styling Modifications

Previous photos of Liberty WaIk’s Honda NSX didn’t do Japan supercar justice. These images, however, flawlessly highlight the automobile and most of its significant styling modifications.

Liberty Walk created it is NSX with some help from Forgiato Wheels and although the task is tame by the tuning company’s standards, this NSX is worlds aside from a standard one.

The most obvious modification may be the implementation of á towering rear wing which totally transforms the appearance of the automobile and surprisingly, actually suits the NSX quite nicely. Elsewhere, Liberty Walk has fitted an air suspension kit courtesy of AirRex to lessen the ride height.

Although the automobile may look wider when compared to a typical NSX, it isn’t. Instead of fitting flared wheel arches like usual, Liberty Walk has instead chosen a couple of wide, aftermarket wheels with an intense offset to produce the impression óf a wide body package being fitted.

Completing the modifications are side skirt extensions, á custom front splitter and a new exhaust system to help make the twin-turbo V6 sing.

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