How To Fix Noises Under Your Car’s Hood

You may need auto repair if your car or truck has been making some strange sounds, especially a chirping one. You can follow the steps below:

First, set your pressure washer or hose to the widest fan spray and rinse the engine off. Be on the alert not to spray the areas that you have covered. Thoroughly wash away any dirt or debris on the exposed parts. After you have rinsed what you can, the rest needs to be done by hand. It’s advisable to use a wash mitt that is specially designated for engine detailing.

Fix Noises Under Your Car's Hood

Second, pop open the hood. Again, make sure the engine is cool enough before proceeding. Disconnect the wire of 9012 led headlight bulb to the power box. Check the oil and transmission dipstick and make sure each is firmly inserted into their respective holes. You don’t want water entering the oil and fluid reservoir. This also holds true for the brake fluid and power steering reservoir. Just go over and make sure everything is tight or sealed.

Fix Noises Under Your Car's Hood

After putting on gloves, work your engine slowly and surely one small section at a time until every nook and cranny is detailed. Carefully vacuum surface areas as you dust with a dry paintbrush. For the tight spaces your fingers and brushes can’t reach, the cotton buds should be more than capable of doing so. When detailing overlapping components and parts, soak a towel with detailer and wipe down. Use the degreaser only when the detailer spray can’t hack it.

Fix Noises Under Your Car's Hood

Finally, Glass and Window Cleaner– this is an acid-free solution that contains soap and ammonia, used basically for cleaning the glass. It leaves no streaks or films behind. This cleaner is used for the removal of soil, water spots, fingerprints, grime from the window glass that requires only minimal wiping and at the same time no residue is left behind. Spray it on the surface to be cleaned and then wipe it thoroughly dry using paper towels or newspapers. Then you can reinstall everything back and connect the 12 volts led car lights wires.

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