Even if stop production, We Can Modify Mitsubishi LANCER to EVO

Today, we’d like to share with you a LANCER modified project, the car owner, Hyman comes from Inner Mongolia, China, now working in Chongqing city. After chatting with him, we know he is a photographer in daily life, and love to take amazing photos of his car.

“Why do I want to modify my car? Because I want to have a Lancer EVO but this vehicle has been stopped production in China” he said.

“Because my LANCER is a used car bought from Chengdu city, while driving back to Chongqing, there is 300 km distance, The first driving experience is not good. LANCER shock absorption ability is poor, the seat is too hard and makes me feel very uncomfortable. For the power, it is just so-so.  But the car really handle well. “

Hyman first modified the appearance, installed front bumper lip, GT-R side skirt, and replaced to XXR wheels and D2 height adjustable damper and later he change the intake pipe, exhaust pipe, igniter and other small accessories.

Sometime later, I was not satisfied with the car color, so decided to make the whole car be a cement gray, changed a new kit of front and rear surrounded bumper lip, install LED headlights, fog lights and DRL, install the wide body skirt, wider the front and rear fender, replaced some easy-broken accessories. , these work take me a full month.

“ I made this wind spoiler by myself, experienced many times failure again and again, spent more than a month, and finally made it out.”

Hyman loves the gray color, but because he changed the appearance for too many times,  Chinese NTHSA doesn’t agree him to change the vehicle license again. He has to paste the vehicle to be original color.

“At present, I am very satisfied with the appearance of the car and everything else, except for the power … In fact, I have wanted to modify the engine, but the cost is too high, and the effect is possible to be not ideal, so did not do yet.”

Although many people are carrying an EVO dream in the heart, helpless EVO has been stopped production, only through modification the Lancer to achieve their EVO dream.

Modification Accessories List:

Pearl white paint;

A5 LED replacement headlight bulbs, DRL, Fog Light, Black LED Tail Light;

Imitated RE30, 18 Inch 9.5J, ET22;

RE11 semi-slick tire 235 40 18;

Light weight screws;

D2 height adjustable damper;

Rear adjustable swing arm;

Carbon fiber front fender;

EVO 2010 front bumper lip;

EVO 2010 rear bumper lip;

EVO 2010 drill hole front cover;

EVO 2010 side skirt and fender;

JDM wind spoiler;


Carbon fiber multi-function steering wheel + Carbon fiber Interior decoration.

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