Ford Fox ST Modification Example

Today I are going to introduce a Ford Fox ST, this 2.0T vehicle is similar to Golf GTI, they both can have an extremely exterior modification to have a new look and upgrade the performance. In my opinion, Ford Fox ST is better than Golf GTI on modification, I mean better effect.

Today this car owner of Fox ST obviously love HellaFlush style mod, it is a more aggressive stance. He achieves it by changing the front engine cover to whole carbon fiber cover, replacing the wind spoiler to RS style, install the front fender lip and body kit, including side spoiler. Rear pipes are changed to be single exhaust pipes on both side, a new outlook comes out with an aggressive stance. A new stance comes out.

Besides, the Ford Fox ST is very creative on appearance modification. The car owner put on a roof rack,  make it looks like a sports car with the weapon.

At the beginning, the car owner lowers the car by height adjustable damper. But he thinks the damper still can’t reach the effect that he wanted. So he replaces it with air suspension system to get the car as lower as possible to the ground. For the wheel hub, he chooses black TSW Wheels, this model is very unique.

Honestly said, this modification example of Ford Fox ST is very creative and aggressive, making a compact family sedan be a sports and chariot. The overall effect is impressive

Modification Accessories List:

Airlift Air Suspension;

TSW Wheels

whole carbon fiber engine cover,

RS rear wing spoiler, front fender lip and body kit, side spoiler.

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