Chevy Camaro Wide Body Extremly Modification Example

Ten years ago, it is not easy to buy an American imported Sports in China. The problem is not about money, but because there is a little sports vehicle on the market, which are all smuggled in. At that time, It is fucking attractive to run a sports car on the street. Now, the market is open, all kind of sports cars are allowed to import to China, and Chinese market has the ability to consume all kind of sports now. Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, we usually can see these vehicles on the city street. The car owner in this post come from Nanjing City in Jiangsu province. His favorite vehicle is Camaro.

“I bought this Camaro in 2014, it is the 3.6L V6 version, the reason why I bought Camaro was very simple, whatever how I compared to other sports vehicle, Camaro always was my first choice.”

Compared to American Camaro has a 6.2L V8 engine, my 3.6L V6 engine can’t reach that power. But it still can have 328 horsepower. Besides, it is a pity that it doesn’t have a manual transmission for option while buying it.”

“At the beginning, I take a lot of time to get used to running this new car. Because of Long and wide body, and the car is very low, vision for the driver is very poor. This is a common problem for a sports vehicle. I just need time to overcome it.”

“On modification, I began from changing the exhaust pipe, brake pad. Besides, the car color was changed for many time by auto film. “

The wide-body kit is including front bumper lip, 4 pieces of wide-body side fender flares, rear wind spoiler and rear diffuser. Before installing these wide-body kit, the car owner has replaced the front fender and engine cover to Camaro ZL1 version’s parts.

“Now, this Camaro has 2.2-meter body width and is the absolutely big guy on the street. It is beautiful but sometimes will cause trouble to me. For example, when turn signal on two lanes roads, it is easy to crash other vehicles so that I need to be so careful. “

Next, I will install a big wind spoiler to it, then that would be perfect.

Modification Accessories List:

ZL1 front fender, ZL1 Carbon fiber engine cover;

MB design wide-body kit;

3M fluorescent orange film;

INJEN intake pipe;

Magnaflow exhaust pipe;

Brembo brake kit;

Accuair Air Suspension;

20-inch two-piece customized wheels.

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