COPAZE Automotive Exhibition on HK, This is defenitely a Cars Modifications Party

August 26, that is, last Saturday, more than 100 super sports cars, high performance cars, modified cars gathered in Hong Kong “Asia International Museum”. Compared to the so-called “international auto show”, this show attract more attention of the fans.

Actually in Hong Kong, there is a lot of Japanese high performance cars, this is because Hong Kong allowed to import 20 years old car, which satisfy the need of car turning enthusiast. As a modified fans, in this show, looking around, there are all the cars with large wing spoiler + large diameter exhaust, it is so exciting to see them here as we are possible see these cars on movie before. And here they are not the show for high performance cars only, as long as the car with good and unique modification, even the Toyota Hiace, you can also play here.

Many people want to have a GRT R34, but in the mainland China, GRT R34 can only be kept in the garage for personal appreciation. In Hong Kong, it is allowed to driving on the road. like R35.

This white S14 modify the front body to be American muscle car, many people will be regard it as a Dodge Challenger. And the following S15 is showing the “drift” posture.

Of course, Honda’s treasure here is this NSX, and heard that Ayrton Senna involved in debugging this vehicle, the overall control system beyond the same period of the Ferrari models. It is more fascinating than the current hybrid version of the new NSX.

When talking about the most beautiful Japanese models, many people will think of this Mazda RX-7. Its body with beautiful curves is such amazing even if it is the model presented 20 years ago, no matter modify with any kind of body kit, it can be matched perfectly.

In contrast, the most classic models in German cars is the Porsche 911, and the following several modified 911, their colors are all fresh.

There is not Audi RS6 in the show, but we see this special coating R8 sports car.

In the German sports car, the following Gumpert Apollo is rarely mentioned, perhaps because of the small sales, or perhaps because few people can control it! Knowing that in 2009,the score on Nürburgring is 7 minutes and 11.57 seconds.

There was little car surrounded by railing, the McLaren P1 GTR was one of them. We know that McLaren P1 is rare, and this GTR version is James Hunt special models for commemorating his F1 champions.

These are the pictures on the show. And next they are the photos outside the show. On the day of the exhibition, a large number of polices gathered on the museum entrance. They were coming to check the modified cars. A source revealed, police fines each modified car owner 320 HongKong dollar.

This is the Hong Kong police ticket for the modified car, the inspection is very detailed. “Illegal modifications are generally on the court, such as written pleadings, and a fine of $ 600 per piece for each conversion.” Many people have a misunderstanding to Hong Kong, here is not the paradise for car turning, just the holy land to play the old cars.

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