Audi A6 Simple Modification to Get Big Upgrades on Appearance

Audi cars were always not particularly hot in the modified market, one of possible reason is most of Audi cars are commercial style and target to middle-aged business people. But now, Audi’s design style is getting younger, many young people will choose Audi too.

Today, we are going to share a modified Audi A6. This A6 has been changed to a new cement gray paint with younger appearance, putting on the RS6 body kit to have a bigger body size. At the same time, he replace with a new OEM headlamp on A6 with red DRL, this looks cool and make the finishing point.

Installing the rear bumper lip, this car looks a little like Audi RS6 from behind. For better appearance, the car owner retrofit the front and rear fender to make wide-body kit, and installing a wing spoiler on the rear. Now we look at this car, it has a sense of sports car.

On the tires, they are Rad48 3 piece wheel hub with awesome flower shape. Air suspension system is installed on this car to have hellaflush posture.

Actually we don’t have to make extremely modification on our vehicle. Sometimes simple mods can attract people’s attention too, like this Audi A6.

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