Nissan 350Z Modified to Porsche 911 with Suicide Door

A long time ago, there is a kind of door design named suicide doors. It is a slang term for an automobile door hinged at its rear rather than the front. Such doors were originally used on horse-drawn carriages, but are rarely found on modern vehicles due primarily to safety concerns. In the era before seat belts, the accidental opening of such doors meant that there was a greater risk of falling out of the vehicle compared to front-hinged doors, where airflow pushed the doors closed rather than opening them further.

But with the progress of the times, car safety technology has been very mature. So like Rolls-Royce and other models with suicide doors design are very safe now. But because of high cost, many manufacturers have abandoned this way to open the door, so that this “elegant” doors can only become a minority model design.

Today we share with you this “Porsche” will be retrofit to this rear-hinged door. Look at here, do not know if you have found flaws, that is the car seen from the front turned out to be Panamera, but also a two-seater!

And came to the tail, even turned into the latest Porsche 911 lights, style changes too fast. If you didn’t follow In Mods and read our posts before, you may be confused now…

But don’t worry, let me tell you the truth, actually, this car is… Nissan 350Z…  

We know that in the Porsche family, the engine of 911 model is put on the back. Panamera, Macan and Cayenne use the front engine design. So on this modification, the owner has purpose to choose Panamera’s front face, because Nissan 350Z has long front body and front engine layout. This design is quite similar to Panamera’s but different to 911 model.

And in the rear and front body modification, it needs to cut and shape. As the Porsche models in the body is wider than the 350Z, the modified technician customized a wide body kit for this car.

In the “speed and passion 8” movie, we can see the led accent light on chassis, this lights are used on this vehicle. Moreover, the designer install led accent light on the wheels too.


Next , owner replace the leather packaging on the interior part, red wine color is also very Porsche style.

Let’s take a look at the video shot by the photographer. Nissan 350Z uses 3.5-liter V6 engine.

After the modification, the owner often drive the ” Porsche” to attend parties. Once time he met another 350Z modified the rear-hinged door too. Which one is cooler? What do you think?

The car owner now has modified another Black ” Porsche”.  Daytime he run the white one and nighttime he run the black one.

Finally, let’s take a look at the “black Porsche” at late night!

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