Infinite G37 3.7L V6 NA Engine JDM Exterior Modification

INFINITE G37, the predecessor of Q50, he is the representative car model equipped with a made-in-Japan 3.7L V6 naturally aspirated engine. The charm and attraction of this car can’t be easily replaced by the new Q50 model with 2.0T turbo engine. Tiger, a car modification enthusiast from Tianjin City, he loves and supports traditional naturally aspirated engine.

“I planned to buy a new car in 2012, at that time I have my requirement, 500,000 CNY budget, whatever which brand from Japan or Europe, I need NA engine, rear-wheel drive. Finally, by comparison, Infinite G37 is the only choice for me in my budget.”

“Picked up my G37 and driven for several months, that experience is fantastic. 3.7V naturally aspirated engine is powerful. The double-wishbone independent suspension on front and multilink independent suspension on the rear make the vehicle run stable and tires grasp the ground quite well. “

For better running experience, Tiger also went to the Golden Gate Circuit, although he was very satisfied with his car, on Golden Gate Circuit, he was still being embarrassed. On this place, there were many luxury vehicles, like Mercedes C63 AMG, and some extreme body modification vehicle, like Honda Fit, Peugeot 206. At the beginning, Tiger still wanna to make extreme body modification. But after this trip, he abandons this thought.

Later, Tiger attended a Hellaflush party. At this time, he was attracted by Hella Flush style. That is the reason he chooses to install the air suspension. He loves the low height body style.

On bumper part, Tiger just removes the spring of the BC height adjustable damper and replace it with a custom airbag. And he chooses the Accuair system to control the air suspension.

As an important part of HellaFlush modification, wheel hubs will affect the total appearance of the vehicle. Tiger chooses WORK VSXX 3 Piece Wheel Hub,the center piece has been sprayed with purple, equipped with pointed 326 Power hub screws, Looks very eye-catching.

“It is a complicated and time-consuming work to install the air suspension and replace the wheel’s hub. Sometimes I look at my car and I ask myself, why do I love modification? What can car modification bring to my life?“

“ My friends said I wasted time to do some no meaning things. But in my opinion, I do think because I want to do them, I love this.”

Modification Accessories List:

WORK VSXX 3 Piece Wheel Hub;

The EagleSpeed Tires, front 225 and rear 35R19;

Accuair control system, BC height adjustable damper, and customized airbag;

G37 COUPE version brake;

Customized carton fiber fear fender lip, rear wing spoiler, front grill。

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