How to Restore Fogged Headlights in Car

Foggy headlights degrade the amount of light that passes through the headlight optics to the road surface. This result may result in the lack of visibility of the road and the lack of vehicular visibility by other drivers. Fogged lenses also degrade the visual quality of the vehicle. Restoration of the lens will restore clarity, resulting in increased beam strength, safety, visibility and may increase the resale value of the vehicle due to the newly restored appearance of the 9005 headlight bulbs led.

9005 Led Headlights
1. Identify if the fog is external to the bulb or internal. Rub your hand on the outside of the headlights: if the low beam 9005 headlight bulb feels facing, rough, or as if it had a matte finish, the fogging is likely external.

2, Shine a light on the headlight to see. The internal surface You may need to make the light shine at different angles to determine if the source of the fog is internal. Internal fogging may result from condensation or slight damage. Condensation will appear as a foggy windshield would, or as drops of moisture inside the headlight.

3, Determine if you are going to repair or replace the 9005 headlights. If the moisture is on the outer surface of the headlight housing, the surface can restore. If fogging found inside the headlamp surface, the headlight is likely to have a crack, damaged or endangered. It needs to replace a headlight.

4, Wash the headlamp with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Using 600 sandpaper and water, sand the entire surface of the headlight housing until the fogging is removed. While sanding, rinse the sandpaper and headlamps frequently to keep the sandpaper from clogging. It may be necessary to use multiple portions of sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the headlamp. Sand in circular movements to avoid the creation of furrows on the surface of the headlight housing. Sand the surface of the headlamp until the fogging is removed and only a matte surface of the sanding remains. Rinse the headlamp to remove fine particles, and then dry them carefully.

9005 Led Headlights
5, Sand the surface of the headlights with 1500-sandpaper. Using circular motions, the lantern’s Sand to remove surface abrasions caused by 600 grit sandpaper. 1500 grit sandpaper gets stuck easily and requires frequent water washing. The 1500 grit sandpaper should use until the surface of the light is polished free of any visible dullness and with it the 600 grit sandpaper effort. Wash and dry the headlamp.

6. Apply a quality car wax or plastic protector to the headlight surface. This step will help reduce the amount of oxidation and damage that the headlight housing receives from exposure to the weather and the sun’s harmful rays. Buff and polish the headlight to remove any residue.

Headlights in Car

One of the best ways to upgrade your car is upgrading the led headlights, with a range of styles to choose, it would be a cheap way to start out on the road with a unique personalization. You can opt for the latest LED headlight according to your requirement, it is easy to let others spot your car immediately.

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