Ford Mustang Tuning Liberty Walk Wide Body Kit

JAPAN tuning company Liberty Walk is back performing what Liberty Walk will best, creating insane wide-body kits for a few of the world’s most revered performance cars. The most recent car on its radar? The sixth-generation Ford Mustang.

They recently took to its Instagram page to drop numerous images of the Mustang kit coming together. Like its a great many other kits, the tuner’s Mustang bundle totally transforms the appearance of the muscle mass car.

Beyond the most obvious inclusions of bolt-on fender flares, Liberty Walk’s creation carries a huge ducktail spoiler at the trunk, extended side skirts, a bespoke hood, added front splitter and a bold back diffuser.

The finished package is definately not practical but ought to be more than plenty of to create people stop and stare.

Liberty Walk offers yet to state when the Mustang kit will be accessible, but there’s an excellent chance we’ll view it at SEMA in early November.

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