Castagna Milano Is Making An Audi A8 Avant Allroad W12

We’ve seen plenty of intriguing custom projects from Castagna Milano over the years but chances are their most spectacular creation is yet to come.

We say that because the Milan-based coachbuilding company has teased a W12-powered Audi A8 wagon – in Allroad form. Castagna posted two images (which may or may not be CGIs, we’ve yet to get a detailed response from the company) showing a previous-generation A8 that underwent surgery to become an Avant.

The unusual model features black-painted roof and pillars, Allroad-style plastic cladding around the wheels, as well as silver skid plates, side sills, and roof bars. According to the short description accompanying the photos, the car is made from all-aluminum and carbon fiber. While all Audi A8s have aluminum-built bodies, we assume the carbon fiber reference applies to the extended roof.

Seen from the rear, the A8 wagon reveals a “W12 quattro” badge which tells us that whoever commissioned this car is the type of person that ticks all the boxes when configuring a vehicle. A8 Avant? Check. Allroad? Check. W12 quattro? Check.

Castagna Milano jokingly describes the car with the words “when they asked us for a wagon a little bigger than our 500” but the truth is the idea of an Audi A8 Avant is not new. To this day, the Audi Avantissimo Concept from 2001 remains one of the brand’s most memorable studies. It previewed both the styling and technology of the second-generation Audi A8 but it never made it to production as a wagon.


As for Castagna Milano’s A8 Avant (or should we call it A8 Allroad?), we’ll believe it is for real when we get to see more convincing images and learn more details. We’ll report back when we do.



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