American Rider|Drive V6 RR Sports to run Mountain Road, Nissan 370Z Modification

Remember my first modification, I just came to America for no soon, young and wild, wanna act to be a fashion and cool man, so I bought my first car, a second hand BRZ, and immediately modified the EPU to improve engine power; change the vent-pipe. I get it down for an afternoon time and happy to run around with my dudes. However, the story ending was terrible, my engine broke on the mountain road and I have to call a tow truck. And then, I sold the BRZ in not soon and bought my car now, Nissan 370Z, originally equipped with 3.7 liters of V6 engine, it should be one of the few Japanese cars with NA and RR engine.

After picking up the new car, I order a kit of Cat-Back Exhaust and Cold Air Intake; begin my retrofit. Then I ride it to challenge the mountain road. Ha, the new car is different, this is not a big deal for 370Z. Next, I install Tein’s Height Adjustable Damper and Three Way Catalytic Converter, and begin to race on the track.

Racing on track, I could clearly feel what my car lack of and had a direction on modification. The original full season tires obviously were not enough on the grip, so I changed to Enkei wheel hub and AD08r tires. Front wheels were 18*9.5 and rear wheels are 18*10.5. Now looking back, I thought the wheels were too small and not good looking. I should have installed the 19-inch wheels.

In eight weeks, I got the parcel from Japan, that is the Amuse front bumper ordered on Amazon. Sadly, this was my worst modification. Although this bumper was real belonged to Amuse, there is some variation in the details so that it doesn’t fit to 370Z quite. And in order to save some money, I was so stupid to find a not very professional worker to paint sprayed on the car. Finally, the effect was very bad.

Still later, I get the chance to race on the track again. At this time I feel the oil temperature was too high and the brake was too bad. After coming back home from the track, I notice the brake pad has been split, only left 3mm. So I change the brake pad, brake lines, and brake oil. New brake feels awesome.

It is a common problem for 370Z that Oil temperature is being too high. When racing on the track, oil temperature reach 280℃ immediately in the first round. The highest scale of my oil table is only three hundred degrees. At that time I can’t tell how distressed I am. after came back, I immediately added an Oil Cooler.

Later, my friend plan to paste the car firm to his vehicle. I suddenly find that this is a good way to hide the terrible paint spray on 370Z. So I select color online for two nights, finally choose this diamond silver firm. It looks white lean toward silver, and shine under the sun.

So far, my modification to 370Z come temporarily come to an end. At the past, I wish my car can race on the track, and looks great too. That means I pursue max performance and also want a good looking. Now I know it is impossible to obtain both. I prefer good looking, so in the future, I think my 370Z won’t appear on the track again. But you will find him on the Autocross and Palomar mountain

Thanks to my brothers, now we are a small team.

Modification Accessories List:

Powerhouse Amuse Front Bumper;

Avery firm;

ARK exhaust, Stillen intake;

Berk Three Way Catalytic Converter;

Tein’s Height Adjustable Damper;

Carbotech brake pad;

Enkei wheel hub and AD08r tires;

Z1 oil cooler and brake line.

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