AMC Javelin AMX 1972 Defiant, 1000 hp Muscle Car

AMC Javelin AMX 1972 Defiant, 1000 hp muscle car

AMC Javelin AMX 1972 comes exactly one year after Ringbrothers unveiled a modified Javelin on the same stage: the SEMA Show Las Vegas. Now, the Ring brothers go a step further and give us this impressive modification, created in conjunction with Prestone.

Everyone knows the love that Ringobrothers feels for this classic American Motors Company car, so it is not strange that one of his most anticipated projects for the SEMA Show 2017 is this AMC Javelin AMX 1972, which was completely rebuilt to give us a gift an anthology muscle car.

AMC Javelin AMX 1972 Defiant, 1000 hp muscle car

The heart of the AMC Javelin AMX 1972

Starting with the bodywork that was restored to detail, it is using carbon fiber parts and some aerodynamic elements. To give us an accurate idea of the work behind this classic car, Ringbrothers took a year to develop it, using all their experience and, for the first time, a scanner and a 3D printer, which were used to obtain the molds of the pieces that were made with carbon fiber, including: bonnet, front fenders and grill.

If you think the appearance of the AMC Javelin AMX 1972 by Ringbrothers is not impressive enough, wait to hear what’s under the hood.

Nothing less than a 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine, spiced with a 4.5-liter Whipple supercharger, Holley Dominator fuel management system and Flowmaster exhaust. In this way, the original power of 707 horsepower rose to 1,050 hp, which makes this car, the most powerful AMC ever created.

AMC Javelin AMX 1972 Defiant, 1000 hp muscle car

The power reaches the rear wheels through a Bowler automatic transmission and a carbon fiber drive shaft. In addition, Ringbrothers increased the wheelbase by 165 mm by moving the front wheels.

For this reason, Ringbrothers experts had to make new fenders and fins, to match the new hood, the front and the fenders. All this work was done on a hydroformed front frame of Detroit Speed.

To go with that brutal power, an independent multilink rear suspension and a Baer kit with large rotors and six piston calipers were installed. The intimidating aspect of this AMC Javelin is accentuated by those colorful side exits of escape.

The list of modifications continues with a new rack steering system, RideTech dampers, 20-inch HRE wheels and those impressive super-wide tires.

Internally, the AMC Javelin AMX 1972 created by Ringbrothers has white leather upholstered seats, black metal trim on the doors and a complete audio equipment signed by Kicker, which includes USB ports.

Many experts already consider the AMC Javelin AMX 1972 as the wildest creation that has come out of the Ringbrothers workshop. Not only because of the impressive engine that is housed under the hood, but because of its extreme appearance. What do you think?

AMC Javelin AMX 1972 Defiant, 1000 hp muscle car

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