8 Gen Civic Modified chameleon Paint with Sports Stype

Today we are going to introduce a modified 8 gen Honda Civic. This car is the Chinese version, but compared to other modified civic owners who totally copy the FD2 appearance and style, this car owner has different idea to make 8 gen Honda Civic be attractive.

This Civic has been installed the Type-R style front bumper and red Honda logo. The shining point is the chameleon paint. No matter daytime or at night, this unique appearance will definitely make heads turn wherever he goes. In order to protect the paint sprayed on the car, the car owner also installs a kit of protection case on the front engine cover.

On the rear part, he retrofits the Type-R style wind spoiler, replaces the taillight to LED. The transparent pure white led taillight looks special and awesome. The exhaust is also changed to a larger caliber, so the tail won’t look too monotonous.

At the beginning, The wheel hub is used the SSR SP1 series. This wheel hub is the first choice of many Civic modified lovers with good looking. But later, he replaces them to the Cosmis Racin XT-206R wheel hub, which has more sports appearance. On the air suspension, he uses all set of Airlift product including damper and control system.

Modified accessories list:

SSR SP1 wheel hub;

Cosmis Racin XT-206R wheel hub;

Airlift  air suspension;

FD2 Type-R font bumper and wind spoiler;

chameleon paint;

Leather engine protection case.

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