1990 Porsche 911 Covered with Green “Absinthe” Like a Modern Supercar

1990 Porsche 911 Covered with green “Absinthe” Like a Modern Supercar

How to make a Porsche 911/964 of 1990 beautiful and fast like a modern supercar? This kind of challenge is daily bread for Singer, the specialist in restoration and customization of classic Porsche, who hired nothing less than the technicians of Williams Advanced Engineering, Department of the F1 team, to meet the wishes of a US customer.

The result is a beautiful 964 personalized a new green “Absinthe” with interiors covered in elegant orange, two elements integrated, which is inspired by motorsport. One of the most elaborate goodies is the postponement of the Hewland gearbox at sight, but it is the whole car that has been designed in the smallest detail.

1990 Porsche 911 Covered with green “Absinthe” Like a Modern Supercar

This Singer 911 is not only beautiful but also fast. The 3.6 liters of origin has been brought to 4 liters and together with a series of improvements such as a double overhead cam head made by Williams can now count on a power more than double that offered at the time: well 500 CV. Williams’s engineers have also worked on aerodynamics in order to make flows more efficient, modeling the body while respecting the timeless silhouette of one of the most successful 911s.

1990 Porsche 911 Covered with green “Absinthe” Like a Modern Supercar

In addition to containing the weight in 990 kg, the Singer 964 project has improved the dynamic characteristics with the adoption of a completely customized suspension scheme, a Brembo braking system with composite discs and 18 “magnesium BBS rims with ‘inevitable classic Fuchs design.

The effect on the road was guaranteed by Singer through the opinion of a rider of the caliber of Marino Franchise, habitue of the great endurance races, who participated in the development.

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