Q45 Headlight Retrofit – VIP Style LS400

I’m here at sights to retro thing some custom headlights. I am taking the headlight out and mocking up the new ones.

Heating the headlight and making it symmetrical, so that’s an LED so it doesn’t really matter, angle it like that on both sides, figured out it moves forward and backwards instead of up and down, put on the car and let it do its thing and then disconnect it.

Try to see on the auto level if I can use it with the bezel, I’ve gotta pay attention to see how low this thing goes down

Adjust it the height on the light to the point where this will seal, still now Ijust need to see how high that is

it’s really high right, the lens is pushing it outwards and it’s to get it to even fit on that it’s pointing up what’s way too much

Putting real q45 in a 2000 Alice 400 is apparently harder than you think. I’ve seen a bunch of cue45s on ours for hundreds but a sad told me that most of them are replicas or fakes and they’re like slightly different in size.

Or whatever but these ones are big, they’re huge, so having some issues with fitting them against the lenses and getting the level. It’s kind of difficult to get at the perfect, so I thought may get some custom mounts made we don’treally know yet but it’s a struggle.

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