Chocolate Toyota Reiz Makes Hella Flush Modification

As a popular modified models, Toyota Reiz is never lack of a modified case. This we are gonna show you a modified Toyota Reiz from Japan. It looks special. You can see from pictures, chocolate painting body, Mark-X front grill, this modification makes it look sports. Original Toyota grill is too common.

According to car owner’s introduction, first, he installed the single exit exhaust pipe on two sides. This change makes the car be cool on the rear sight. Second, he installs a tow hook under the rear fender, that is sports.

Next, car owner chooses to upgrade the engine power of the vehicle. Retrofitting to a large size Intercooler and the front bumper lip from Chinese general version old Toyota Reiz. Then he cut the bumper lip in the middle, makes the intercooler exposed on the outside. This change looks rough and strong.

Recently, he changes the front bumper lip again. This is the 50th-anniversary version bumper lip released by Toyota.

Don’t think it’s air suspension on this vehicle because the wheels flush with the arches, the Japanese player prefers to use height adjustable damper. Wheels are replaced to Advan GT by the original XXR wheels. All these are for sports style.

Japan has many beautiful street sceneries which make people feel that the photographer can casually be taking a JMD series of pictures anywhere. Finally, we are going to show you the beautiful pictures that this modified Toyota Reiz parking on Japan streets.

Modifications Accessories List:

XYZ height adjustable damper;

Advan GT Wheel hubs;

Toyota Reiz 50th anniversary version bumper lip;

No logo front grill.

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